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CodeSmash is a no-code development and management platform where you can build and manage your applications

Introducing CodeSmash


Rapidly build, deploy and manage API’s and Databases

Write and develop backend business logic using no-code or low-code


  • Tech Startups
  • No-Code Developers
  • SaaS Companies
  • Product Development Teams
  • WordPress Agencies
  • Vercel
  • Supabase
  • Xano
  • API Builder
  • Deploy Apps
  • Rest API
  • Deploy VPS Servers
  • Serverless WordPress
  • AWS
  • Webflow
  • Bubble


With CodeSmash you can forget about writing error prone business logic and deploy apps with ease and peace of mind

No-Code Builder

Discover the power of CodeSmash, the ultimate No Code platform that allows you to deploy apps effortlessly with just a single click—no coding skills required. Simply connect your AWS account to CodeSmash, and watch as your apps are seamlessly deployed. This integration not only ensures that your apps are hosted securely but also grants you full access to the underlying code provided by CodeSmash. Even if you decide to stop using CodeSmash in the future, your apps and data remain fully accessible and modifiable within your AWS account, ensuring you retain complete control over your digital assets.

Serverless Web Hosting for Static Sites

CodeSmash offers a robust serverless web hosting feature tailored for static sites built on popular frameworks such as React, Next.js, Vue, and Angular. This feature allows developers to deploy their static websites effortlessly to AWS, leveraging the power of serverless architecture.

Deploy Apps

Own Your Data

One of the key advantages of using CodeSmash is the ability to maintain ownership and control over your data, avoiding the pitfalls of platform lock-in often associated with services like Firebase. By deploying your apps on raw AWS hardware, you ensure that your data and applications remain fully accessible and modifiable within your AWS account.

This approach not only provides you with the flexibility to manage and customize your data but also safeguards against being tied to a single vendor’s ecosystem. Even if you decide to stop using CodeSmash, your apps and data continue to be available on AWS, giving you complete control and the ability to adapt to future needs without significant disruptions or additional costs.

CodeSmash Apps

Replace Those Monthly Payments!

CodeSmash stands out by offering a comprehensive solution that can replace multiple backend services such as Supabase, Xano, and Vercel. Unlike these platforms, which often require users to manage separate components like databases, servers, and APIs, CodeSmash provides an all-in-one solution deployed directly on your AWS account.

This approach ensures that you maintain full ownership and control over your data and applications, avoiding the lock-in associated with other platforms.

  • Supabase: While Supabase offers a real-time database and some basic CRUD APIs, it requires additional coding for more complex business logic and server configurations. CodeSmash, on the other hand, provides a no-code environment for creating and deploying comprehensive backend solutions without the need for additional coding.
  • Xano: Xano is known for its no-code API builder and advanced business logic features. However, it can be expensive. CodeSmash offers similar no-code capabilities with the added benefit of deploying directly on AWS, ensuring scalability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Vercel: Vercel is popular for its edge functions and serverless deployment capabilities, particularly for frontend frameworks like Next.js. CodeSmash matches these capabilities while also providing a more integrated backend solution, eliminating the need for multiple services and reducing overall complexity.

By choosing CodeSmash, developers can streamline their backend development process, reduce costs, and maintain greater control over their applications and data. This makes CodeSmash an attractive alternative to traditional backend services, offering a more flexible and scalable solution for modern app development.

API Builder

CodeSmash API Builder: Revolutionizing Backend Development

The CodeSmash API Builder is a groundbreaking feature that empowers users to create and deploy REST APIs without any coding skills. This tool is designed to simplify backend development, making it accessible to everyone, from seasoned developers to those with no technical background.

Building a Backend Structure

With the CodeSmash API Builder, you can construct a robust backend structure effortlessly. The platform allows you to define business logic and securely save it in your database. This means you can build complex micro-service architectures, where multiple APIs work together to fulfill your business needs. Each API can be customized to handle specific tasks, making it easier to manage and scale your backend systems.

Utilizing Edge Functions

Edge functions are a crucial component of modern backend systems, enabling code execution closer to the end user to reduce latency and enhance performance. CodeSmash integrates edge functions seamlessly, allowing you to deploy serverless functions that handle various backend tasks efficiently. This feature is particularly beneficial for applications that require real-time data processing and low-latency responses.

CodeSmash Apps Cost

Exciting New Features Coming Soon To CodeSmash

Here’s what you can look forward to:

  • Deploy Unlimited VPS Servers: Scale your applications effortlessly by deploying an unlimited number of VPS servers directly on AWS. This feature ensures you have the flexibility and power to handle any workload without incurring unexpected costs from other vendors.
  • Serverless WordPress: Enjoy the benefits of a serverless architecture with our new Serverless WordPress feature. This allows you to run WordPress sites with improved performance and reduced maintenance, all while keeping your data secure and under your control.
  • One-Click WordPress Deployment: Launch your WordPress sites with a single click, simplifying the setup process and saving you valuable time. This feature is perfect for users who want to get their websites up and running quickly without the hassle of manual configuration.
  • Integrations with Bubble and Webflow: Seamlessly integrate CodeSmash with popular no-code platforms like Bubble and Webflow. This allows you to extend the functionality of your applications and create more dynamic and interactive user experiences.
  • UI Builder: The UI Builder will integrate seamlessly with CodeSmash’s existing features, allowing you to create visually appealing and highly functional frontends without writing a single line of code. By combining the power of the API Builder and the new UI Builder, CodeSmash offers a complete solution for developing, deploying, and managing both the frontend and backend of your applications, all while maintaining full control over your data on AWS.


Secure CodeSmash today and get all the future updates to the platform as mentioned above. This is the lowest price that CodeSmash will be made available and the prices will increase as the features roll out

Don’t miss out on the CodeSmash Lifetime Deal.



Lifetime deal

CodeSmash is a no-code development and management platform where you can build and manage your applications.
With CodeSmash you can forget about error prone business logic and deploy apps with ease and peace of mind.


30 day money-back guarantee. Try it out for 30 days to make sure it’s right for you!




award-badge  30 day money-back guarantee. 

Features included in all plans

License Tier 1

$ 99 One Time Purchase
  • Mapped to Business Plan
  • Deploy Apps in AWS
  • Automated CI/CD builds
  • No Code UI Editor
  • Early Access to New Features
  • Priority Bug Fixing
  • Email Support
  • 10 Workspaces & Roles
  • Webflow API Connector

License Tier 2

$ 199 One Time Purchase
  • Mapped to Enterprise Plan
  • All Features in Tier 1
  • Unlimited Workspaces & Roles
  • Custom Billing & Invoicing
  • Dedicated Secure APIs
  • Custom MSAs and SLAs
  • Dedicated Support (Zoom)
  • Unlimited VPS Deployment
  • 1 Click WordPress Deployment
  • Serverless WordPress
  • Bubble Plugin
  • N8N


Mario Stopfer


CEO & Founder

Quick Links

Letter From the Founder

Hey Bird Gang 👋,

About Me 

Hey guys, I’m Mario, the founder of CodeSmash. I’ve been coding now for many years both professionally and for the open-source community. Few years ago I decided to build a social network called Immersive Communities, as a solo developer, which took me 4 years to complete. The idea was to test my limits and see if this could be done by a solo developer. Once that was done, I decided to start a new product which would help the No Code community build and maintain their apps faster.

How did I come up with CodeSmash?

I’ve noticed the No Code movement starting to get popular a few years ago and decided to build something for the No Code community. Many people have a business idea but not necessarily also the tech skills to bring their idea into reality. This is why I thought that building a simple SaaS product which would simplify app development would help the people who want to start a business by themselves and quickly check if their ideas have a product market fit.

What problems does CodeSmash solve?

Building even simple websites is hard. With all the technologies out there, it’s not easy to get started. Let alone if you want to build a real SaaS application which should handle thousands of transactions and users a day. This is where CodeSmash comes in and presents a simple system to develop your SaaS without knowing anything about the technologies needed to actually build the SaaS you want to have.

How does CodeSmash solve this problem?

CodeSmash works by deploying all your apps on your private AWS account. This is in contrast to other platforms which host your apps on their own accounts. Codesmash approach has a clear advantage in that you do not have to pay any usage charges to CodeSmash and you always get to own both your apps, data and code on your private AWS account. CodeSmash works by setting up your apps, but never communicates with them or accesses their data, so you don’t need to have access to CodeSmash to further build or modify your apps. You always own your apps, whether you use CodeSmash or not.

Currently, you can host your websites on AWS using serverless technologies, which allow you to use the hosting and not pay for the hosting, unless the website is actually used. The newest feature, the No Code API Builder, allows you to deploy a serverless API, with a database and create business logic for your apps using No Code and Low code approach. This will allow you to create server-side business logic in minutes, which would otherwise take you days, if you were to deploy the required infrastructure and write the code by yourself. You can now process and validate your database data, communicate with 3rd-party APIs with no technical skills, using simple No Code tools. Yet, your app will safely be stored as code on your private AWS account, so should you choose, you will be able to allow developers to modify the code as needed.

How is CodeSmash going?

I started building CodeSmash in early 2023 and now have a community of over 300 users. My previous LTD sales also resulted in over $15K revenue for CodeSmash. The latest API Builder feature is aimed to attract No Code developers of platforms like Bubble and Webflow.

What’s On The Roadmap?

I’m currently aiming to start building a system for deployment and management of VPS servers on AWS. Furthermore, popular apps like WordPress and n8n will be given priority so that you will be able to both deploy and manage your instances directly from CodeSmash. Next year, I’m even aiming to start working on the UI builder, so that once completed, CodeSmash will be a full stack NoCode development platform. You can access the current roadmap at:

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